Definition:- Therapeutic position are used to promote comfort of the client for prevent contractures and pressure sore and facilitate diagnostic test or surgical intervention and make proper portion of the client body.
Type of position:-
Prone Position:– The client lies flat on the abdomen with head turn to one side. The head rest on a pillow. One or both arms rest in a comfortable way beyond the head or at the side of the head.
Advantages: – Assess the hip joint
Assess the posterior thorax
Position the client with injury burn and surgery of the back
Give comfort.
Relieve pressure from pressure sore prone areas by providing a change of position.
For client after anesthesia to prevent aspiration of saliva mucus and blood.
Disadvantage:- Client with respiratory or spinal problem.
Client after abdominal surgery.
Supine position:- the client lies on back with lags extended and knees slightly flex.
Supine is a horizontal position.
Advantages:– For comfort of the client.
Assessment of vital sign.
Physical examination of head neck lungs heart breast abdomen extremities.
After surgery involve the interior portion of the body.
Lateral Position:- The client lies of the side with weight on his hip and shoulder pillow support and stabilize upper most lag arm head and back.
In this position the trunk is at right angle to the bed.
One or both lag are bent and both arm are extended in front of the body.
Adv antages:- to relieve pressure on bony prominent area of the back and sacral region.
Disadvantage:- Not to be used after hip replacement and other orthopedic surgery.

Fowler position :- This is a erect position in which an effort is made to maintain the position of the client in sitting posture.
Client head is raise to 90 degree angle and position is maintained by the support of the back.
Advantage:- to relieve breathing difficulty.
To relieve tension on the abdominal sutures.
To help in drainage of the abdominal cavity.
To relax the large muscle of the back and thigh.
Contraindication:- not to be used after brain or spinal surgery.

Cardiac position: – the client is propped up in a sitting position with back rest. Place an over bed table in front with a pillow on it.
s this is the most comfortable position of the client with cardiac asthma.
This position is used for client with cardiac disease.

Author: Vandana Sharma