How to study book keeping and accountancy by dr. sanjay biyani

This video by Dr. Sanjay Biyani focuses on an important subject called Accountancy, which is essentially a numerical and practical paper. Dr. Biyani acknowledges that only half of the students of this subject are comfortable with it from the very beginning. However, mastering this subject is not difficult. All one has to do is to study the rules and formulae and correlate it with their practical exercises. Also, the ideal way to study this subject is to clear each concept with adequate practice before moving on to the next concept. One must also be aware of simple basics like Expenses, Loss and Assets are always DEBITED, and Liabilities , Income, Gain are always CREDITED. Dr. Sanjay Biyani says in very simple words that once a person is able to understand this process of generalization, interest in the subject will automatically develop.
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