Growing Internet Penetration and its Educational Benefits

Internet has been proved is the biggest boom in the lives of people today. Internet can be defined as a collected works of assortment of services and resources. Internet has changed various aspects of individual lives by providing the far-reaching extensive economic and social benefits.
In previous decades people believes that e-mail and World Wide Web are the only constituents of Internet. But in current era, it is a lot more in this domain than e-mail and chat rooms. Internet helps to develop and sustain new ways to communicate and socialize, new business models and industries, and more efficient ways for workers to operate. Numerous survey has represented the penetration of the internet world widely.
*estimate for July 1, 2014, Source: Internet Live Stats (elaboration of data by International telecommunication Union (ITU) and United Nations Population Division)

In Education sector, Internet is a technology for providing the aids in study and ethical practice for facilitating learning and improving performance. A teacher teaches his students by his knowledge and expressions which cannot be achieved through Internet. Internet makes possible for a student to attend the classes of his teacher even from any place at any time. It can be defined as the use of a different technology in the learning experience which will result in the positive changes of pedagogy and teaching methods all over the world. Some of the benefits of this educational technology are mentioned below:
Vast Source of Information
On the internet information about all fields is easily accessible. Students who are unable to be present at classes due to some complications can take advantages of online courses available on Internet.
Provide ease to understand
Various 3 D, live projects and Images can easily be represented to students. A project, occupying at other place can be seen live (its construction process), which help to understand.
Environment Supporter
Billions of encyclopedia and eBooks are available on Internet; there is no need to buy all the books. It will save trees. Now days, schools also have switched to the computers for their lessons and libraries, which will result in saving time and money when used attentively.