Gamete Developmental Biology

Gamete Biology
1.Historical review and types of embryology
i.Formation of egg
and sperm.
3.Fertilization : Activation of ovum, essence of activation : changes in the organization
of the egg cytoplasm.
Developmental Biology
1.Cleavage: Definition, planes and patterns among chordates significance of cleavage;
blastulation and morulation.
2.Fate maps, morphogenetic cell movements, significance of gastrulation.
3.Embryonic induction; primary organizer, differentiation competence;
5.Development of chick up to 96 hours
6.Embryonic adaptations:
i.Extra-embryonic membranes in chick.
ii.Placentation in Mamals : Definition, types, classification on the basis of
morphology and histology; functions of placenta.
Gamete & Development Biology
New Dimensions In Developmental Biology
1.Various types of stem cells and their
applications (with special reference to
embryonic stem cells)
2.Cloning of animals.
i.Nuclear Embryonic Transfer Technique.
ii.Nuclear Transfer Technique.
iii.Embryonic or Therapeutic clone.
3.Teratological effects of Xenobiotics.
4.Brief account of biology of aging