Unit I
Interference of light
• Michelson‟s Interferometer: Production of circular & straight line fringes, Determination of
wavelength of light. Determination of wavelength separation of two nearby wavelengths.
• Newton‟s rings and measurement of wavelength of light.
• Interference of Optical technology: elementary idea of anti-reflection coating and
interference filters.
Unit II
Polarization of light
• Plane circular and elliptically polarized light on the basis of electric (light) vector, Malus law.
• Double Refraction: Qualitative description of double refraction phase retardation plates,
quarter and half wave plates, construction, working and use of these in production and
detection of circular and elliptically polarized light.
• Optical Activity: Optical activity and law of optical rotation, specific rotation and its
measurement using the half-shade and bi-quartz device.
Unit III
Diffraction of light
• Single slit diffraction: Quantitative description of single slit, position of maxima / minima
and width of central maximum, intensity variation.
• Diffraction Grating: Construction and theory. Formation of spectrum by plane transmission
grating, Determination of wavelength of light using plane transmission grating.
• Resolving power: Geometrical & Spectral, Raleigh criterion, Resolving power of
diffraction grating,
Unit IV
Special Theory of Relativity
• Postulates of special theory of relativity, Lorentz transformations, relativity of length, mass
and time.
• Relativistic velocity addition, mass-energy relation.
• Relativistic Energy and momentum.