Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing: Introduction to Data Warehouse, Data warehouse uses, Data Warehouse Planning stages and Designing approaches. Delivery Process-Data Warehouse Delivery Methods. System Processes; data in Flow Process, Extract and load process, Clean and transform Process, Backup and Archive process and Query Management Process. Process Architecture – Load manager, Warehouse manager, Query manager. Database Schema-Star flake schema, Identifying facts and dimensions, Designing fact tables and dimension tables, Design Star flake schema, Multi-dimension schemas. Horizontal and vertical partitioning, Hardware partitioning. Aggregations and aggregation summary table Data Marts, Designing Data Marts. Metadata-Data transformation and load Managers. Hardware architecture-Process, Server, Network and Client hardware. Physical Layout-Parallel technology Disk technology, Contents of data warehouse database, Database structures and layout and file system . Security- Security requirements, impact of security on design and performance, Backup strategies and disaster recovery. Service agreement and operations of Warehouse. Capacity Planning (Process Estimate load), Tuning the data warehouse (Aggregate performance, data load and queries). Testing data warehouse-Develop test plan Testing backup recovery, Testing operational environment, testing database, testing of the application. Data warehouse futures. Data Mining : Data Meaning concepts, Business Technical and Social context for Data mining. Data Mining approaches, Data mining methodologies. Data mining techniques (Automatic cluster detection, Decision tree), Building good effective models, Working with model set, Multiple models. Case studies of data mining mode for an online bank, Wireless communication corporation.