Communicative English

Unit 1
1. Tenses
2. Passive Voice
3. Indirect Speech
4. Conditional Sentences
5. Modal Verbs
Unit 2
1. Dialogue Writing
2. Paragraph and Precis Writing
3. Report, its importance and Report Writing
Unit 3
Short Stories
1. The Luncheon: W.S. Maugham
2. How Much Land Does a Man Need?: Leo Tolstoy
3. The Last Leaf: O. Henry
Unit 4
1. On the Rule of the Road: A. G. Gardiner
2. The Gandhian Outlook: S. Radhakrishnan
3. Our Own Civilisation: C.E.M. Joad
Unit 5
1.The Unknown Citizen: W. H. Auden
2.The Character of A Happy Life: Sir Henry Wotton
3.No Men are Foreign: James Kirkup
4.If : Rudyard Kipling