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August 5, 2015


Section-A 1. Concept of life and living processes : The identifying characteristics of a living matter. 2. Cell membrane System and Cell wall : Cell Membrane and its Organization; Elementary idea of cellular constituents : Nucleus, Mitochondria, Golgi bodies, Endoplasmic reticulum, Lysosomes and Micrabodies; Bacterial and Plant Cell walls. Section-B 1. Important properties of water, the law of mass action association of water and its ionic product, pH, Bronsted acids, ionization of weak acids and Henderson Haeselbate uation, Titration Curves, buffering action and physiologic offers. 2. Biomolecules : The small molecules of life–Sugars, Organ acids, amino acids and nucleotides Macromolecules of life polysaccharides, fats, proteins and nucleic acids, General idea of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure. Section-C 1. Nucleus and Heredity: Nuclear mernbrane; Nucleolus, Nuclear pores; Chromosomes; Packaging of DNA, DNA is Genetic material; DNA replication-basic concept : From DNA to RNA: Ribosomes and protein synthesis. 2. Mitochondria and Release of Energy: Structure of organization and function; Elementary account of Glycolysis and Krebs cycle and role of mitochondria in the later process. Section-D 1. Chloroplasts: Capturing energy from the sun: Structure organization and function; Basic information on ‘light’ and ‘dark’ reactions of photopsynthesis and participation chloroplast in the process in C3 + C4 and CAM plants.

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