Graceful Aging

Everybody knows that one cannot grow young as days pass by but most of us are unwilling to accept the same. Aging is a natural process and every living being has to go through the cycle of life and death. But still everybody today is worried about facing the old age problems at an early age. Is it not possible to have a hassle free old age and live happily till your last day? We all know that it is possible as we have many examples of our grandparents/parents living to a ripe age of 80-90 years without much fuss about the same. How did they achieve their goals and live healthy and happy lives? It is all in our hands to be happy or not to be happy. The older generations were happy with their lifestyles but today we find that our desires have increased so much that we are not able to enjoy simple things in our day-to-day life.
Discipline and diet were the two mantras/factors that were responsible both for mental as well as physical health in olden times. If we need to remain healthy till the end, we need to convert ourselves into soldiers of discipline. Moderation both in thought and action, in all aspects of life is the key to a successful and healthy life. It is a well known fact that anything above or below the capacity of the individual may cause health problems. Both physical and mental health is essential for all human beings and it is well within our reach to maintain the same. The needs of two individuals will never be the same as the chemistry of each one of ourself, like what caused allergy or what causes acidity. This can happen only if one carefully observes oneself thoroughly and carefully and the rule that prevention is better than cure holds good for every individual in day-to-day life, especially after one turns fifty.
Today, with the advent of TV, the digital world has captured our hearts so much that we have all become couch potatoes. In the earlier days, the radio was the only entertainment and our ears and brains worked in unison and we would move around discussing these things with friends.