What is Blood Transfusion, What are its indications , describes its procedure describes the selection of donor

It may be define as administration of blood &blood components by iv route. It is known as blood transfusion.
Pre transfusion assessment:-

1. Patients history:-
Collect the patients history about previous transfusionor as well as previous reaction to transfusion.
2. Physical assessment:-
A baseline vital sign are important before transfusion of the blood.
3. Preparation of the patient environment:-
a. Explain the procedure to the patient
b. Provide the food & fluid as patient need .
c. Assess or note the vital sign of the patient .
d. Provide comfortable position
e. Clear all the doubts of the patients well as family member regarding blood transfusion.
f. Maintain the proper lighting.
Selection of the donor:-
1. Donor should be free from the infectious disease.
2. Vital sign should be normal
3. He did not given blood from last 3 months
4. Hb level should be normal
5. Blood cross matching should be done
Selection of the receiver:-
1. Assess the blood group.
2. Note the vital sign
1. Wash the hands
2. Confirm the transfusion had been prescribed
3. Check the patient for blood grouping verify that patient has sign a written consent form as per as agency policy.
4. Explain the procedure to the patient
5. Instruct the patient about sign & symptoms during transfusion such as nausea , vomiting etc.
6. Monitor vital sign use hand hygiene & wear gloves .
7. Set the blood bottles on iv poles
8. Fix the cannula in the vein
9. Connect the cannula from blood set
10. Monitor vital sign throughout the transfusion. If there is any changes in transfusion or allergic reaction then,
a. Stop the transfusion
b. Inform the dutry doctor
c. Keep ready loaded inj.dexomethasone & avil.
After the complete of transfusion remove the iv line or set 7 press the vein with cotton.
After blood transfusion record & report should be maintain by the nurse it incluse:-
a. Type of blood which is transfused
b. Amount of blood
c. Flow rate of the transfusion
d. Any reaction which occur during the procedure.
e. Name of the donor
f. Written consent for medicolegal purpose.


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