Water Pollution, BA, MA Lecture by Sweta modi, Biyani Girls Colleges

90 % of water is available in nature is in frozen form of snow, 10% of fresh water is for human being. At any place on Earth, deterioration of water due to inclusion of undesirable outside element in water deposit is called water pollution; oceanic water is saline in nature which is being used by human being directly. Types of water pollution on the bases of water and pollutants, first is surface water pollution second is Oceanic water pollution, third is underground water pollution and other one is Natural source, human source and efficient. Surface water is polluted when mineral mix with it like, mercury, lead, zinc. Oceanic water is polluted when disposal of waste poisonous chemical like mercury are the main waste material among others. Directly affect the biotic life in seas coral, fish etc. Ground water is polluted when agriculture waste, Industrial waste, rural and urban waste disposal mix with it.