Turnover of Amul crosses Rs.20, 000 crores

Amul is a pride name in co-operative sector known worldwide for milk and milk products. Owner of Amul is Gujrat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) Anand, Gujrat. Its turnover crossed Rs.20,000 crore and went to Rs.20,735 crores during financial year ending 31.03.2015 with a growth rate of 14.28% over previous year. This turnover of Amul is more than the combined sales of its three viral companies in food business i.e. Nestle, ITC and Hindustan Uni Lever for the year 2013-14.
Out of this turnover, around 35-40% comes from various values added products and rest from liquid milk. This turnover from milk was 80-90% of the total 5 years ago. There is an increase of 25-35% in items like Tetra pack milk, Dahi, Butter, Milk based beverages and Ice-Creams. Products preferred by youth are aggressively in demand and adds to increase in turnover. Some of the products like Amul Cool, Apric Ice-Creams, Amul Pro, and energy drink stamina are in great demand from youth. Some of these products have been recently launched in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. They are to be launched in other metro cities looking to their demand.
Present managing Director Sh. R. S. Sodhi deserves complements for this rare achievement of increasing turnover to this level and bringing name to cooperative sector in the country.

B.K. Jain

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