System software and Application software

Software is just a collection of instructions which are usually in machine understandable code or in a language which is understood by computer that instructs a processor to execute any special task .While hardware is the part of a computer system.
Basically Computer software is intangible which means it cannot be touched while computer hardware is tangible. Computer Software is stored in computer’s memory.
The instruction or code which is written in a machine language is called “machine code”. Usually software is coded in a language which is easy to understand for human beings so that they can write code easily and can understand it. The language used to write code is known as “High level Programming language”. High level language is easy and efficient foe the programmer than machine language. These high level language is than complied and interpreted by compiler and interpreter which change the high level language to machine language .
Types of Computer Software
Computer Software is of two types that are Systems software and Application Software.
System software are made to make the computer work. It works like a base for computers to work. All type of operating systems is system software. System software includes the following Functions- Start of a computer (BOOTING), File management, Memory Management, Resource Management, Security Management etc. System Software also control the computer’s Hardware and it also recognize and install the new devices attracted to computer.
Applications software is the software which work or perform their work on system software. All the application software is ran on system software (Operating System). Application Software includes word processors, spreadsheets, and database management systems ETC.

Ankita Gupta (IT)

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