Share holder funds, Equity funds, Net worth, Owner’s fund (in Hindi)

This Video is based on Share holder funds, Equity funds and difference between Provision and Reserves by Dr. Sanjay Biyani, The famous Charted Accountant and an educationist. In this he explains about the share holder funds, Equity funds which are actually the funds which belong to the share holders. To calculate shareholder’s funds, you need to know the amount of assets and liabilities of the company. Then subtract the total amount of liabilities from the total amount of assets. Debit Funds are the term which includes the outsider funds like loan, public deposit and Debentures. Surplus are often confusing terms these are funds which Retained in business in the form of Capital revenue Reserves, Tangible assets are those which have their Physical existence and Intangible assets are like copyright, Patency , goodwill and trademark and the another terms are Provision and reserves In which provision is created by Debiting the profit and loss account and It is not available for distribution as dividend among share holders while Reserves are created by debiting the profit and loss appropriation account.