Operators in C Language

An operator is a symbol that “operators” on one or more expressions, producing a value that can be assigned to a variable. C has a rich set of operators which can be classified as
• Arithmetic Operators: There are following arithmetic operators supported by C language:
• Logical Operators :-C has the following logical operators, they compare or evaluate logical and relational expressions.
• Assignment Operators :- The Assignment Operator evaluates an expression on the right of the expression and substitutes it to the value or variable on the left of the expression.
• Relational Operators :- Often it is required to compare the relationship between operands and bring out a decision and program accordingly.
• Increment and Decrement Operators :- The increment and decrement operators are one of the u nary operators which are very useful in C language.
• Conditional or Ternary Operator :-The conditional operator consists of 2 symbols the question mark (?) and the colon

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