Network Technologies & TCP/IP

Section A Network Architecture, Configuring Network, Network Strategies, Networks Types : LAN, MAN and WAN [Basic Concepts, Line Configuration, Topology, Transmission Mode, Identify Key Components of Network, Categories of Network, Differentiating between LAN, MAN, WANS and Internet]. Section B The OSI Model, The Physical Layer (Bandwidth Limited Signals, Transmission Media, Wireless Transmission), The Data link Layer, Error Detection and Correction, Data Link Protocols, The Medium Access Sub-layer, The Channel Allocation Problem, Multiple Access Protocol, IEE Standard 802 for LANs and MANs, Bridges, The Network Layer Routing Algorithm, Congestion Control Algorithm, Internet Working, The Transport Layer, The Application Layer, MAC Protocols for High Speeds LANs. Section C Introduction to TCP/IP [Understand the TCP/IP Protocol Suite, its History and Modification Processes, Compare TCP/IP to the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model, Examine a Number of TCP/IP Applications such as FTP, Telnet, DNS, DHCP, Boot, etc.]