Net Frame work and Programming in ASP.NET

Introduction to .NET Framework : Genesis of .Net – Features of .Net – .Net binaries – Microsoft Intermediate Language – Meta Data – .Net types and .net name spaces – CommonLanguage Runtime – Common Type System – Common Language Specification – .Net Applications using command line compiler and visual studio .net IDE. Basics of ASP. NET : Introducing ASP .NET – Creating and deploying ASP .NET applications – Web forms – Web controls – Rich web controls – Custom web controls – Validation controls – Debugging ASP .NET pages. Advanced ASP .NET : ASP .NET configuration – Business objects – HTTP Handlers – Caching in ASP .NET – ASP .NET security .NET applications . Building Web Services : Introduction to web services – Web services Infrastructure – SOAP –Building a web service – Deploying and publishing web services – Finding web services – Consuming web services. Ado .NET: Basics of ADO .NET – Changes from ADO – Data Table – Data Views – Data Set – OLEDB and SQL ManagedProviders – OleDb Data Adapter Type.

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