Neoplasm definition, type, differences, gross &microscopy examination.

Definition :- it is define as mass of tissue forming of a result abnormal excessive uncontrolled purposeless proliferation of cell
On the basis of microscopic examination
1 benign: – it is a tumor that not has new vascular and capsule so it not spread near structure and organ

2 malignant: – it is a tumor that has neo vascular and blood supply it not capsulated so it spread near structure and organ
Difference between malignant &normal cell-
• Normal cell :
it have a normal nuclear chromatin
In normal cell nuclear is normal
No grant cell present
Cytoplasm is normal
In normal meiotic division occur
• In malignant cell
It have nuclear hyper chromatin
Nuclear are prominent
Tumor grant cell are present
There is increase mucin in cytoplasm
Abnormal mitotic division
Mode of transmission
1 by local invasion: benign neoplasm localized at the side of origin as it have capacity to invaded to other side but malignant invaded to other side due to encapsulated
2 by blood: it is spread of tumor in such a way that new side from origin by blood
3 by lymph node: the cancer cell spread by penetration the wall of lymph in breast cancer axillaries node is involve
4 by implantation: the tumor may spread by implementation by surgeon suture needle or by direct contact like transfer of cancer from lower lip to upper lip by implementation

Difference between malignant and benign
1 rate of growth: malignant cell proliferate more rapidly than begian tumor the rate of growth of malignant tumor depend of deffeiration
2 gross appearance: the begian tumor generally remain asymptomatic on gross examination these are oval spherical shape firm
3 on microscopic examination : the malignance cell grow rapidly and irregular in shape and may be papillary fungation ulceration depend upon appear

Author: Mahesh Kumar Sharma

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