Linear Integrated Circuits

Unit-1 OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS: Basic differential amplifier analysis, Single ended and double ended configurations, Op-amp configurations with feedback, Op-amp parameters, Inverting and Non-Inverting configuration, Comparators, Adder.
Unit-2 OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER APPLICATIONS: Integrator, Differentiator, Voltage to frequency & Frequency to voltage converters. Oscillators: Phase shift, Wien bridge,
Quadrature, square wave, triangular wave, saw tooth oscillators. Voltage controlled oscillators.
Unit-3 ACTIVE FILTERS: Low pass, high pass, band pass and band reject filters, All pass filter, Switched capacitor filter, Butterworth filter design, Chebyshev Filter design.
Unit-4 PHASE-LOCKED LOOPS: Operating Principles of PLL, Linear Model of PLL, Lock range, Capture range, Applications of PLL as FM detector, FSK demodulator, AM detector, Frequency translator, phase shifter, tracking filter, signal synchronizer and frequency
synthesizer, Building blocks of PLL, LM565 PLL.
Unit-5 LINEAR IC’s: Four quadrant multiplier & its applications, Basic blocks of linear IC voltage regulators, Three terminal voltage regulators, Positive and negative voltage regulators. The 555 timer as astable and monostable multivibrators. Zero crossing detector, Schmitt trigger.

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