Internet and Intranet

Internet : Internet Accounts. Telephone, Cable and Satellite connections, Dial up networking, etting up a dial up connection. high speed connection (ISDN, ADSL and Cable modems), Networking Essentials (Lease Line, Routers, Modems), Intranets, E-mail concepts (receiving, sending and receiving Secure E-mail, chatting and conferencing, E-mail maintain list, Newsgroup, IRC,ICQ, Yahoo Pager, Voice mail and Video conferencing. Section B World Wide Web : Elements of the Web, Web browser, viewing pages with a browser, using a browser for Mail, News and chat, Secuirity and Privacy issues (cookies, firewalls, executable Applets and scripts, blocking system), Netscape navigator and Communicator and features therien Internet Explorer and features therein, Lynx, Opera finding an installing Players, Plug-Ins and Active controls, dealing with Web pages that contain Active X, Java an Java Script, playing streaming Audio and Video, playing MP music. Using Search engines, subsciptions and channels, making use of web resources (Portal, News and weather, sports Personal Financing and Investing, Entertainment, shopping, Computers and Internet, Travel, Health and Med icing, Communities and Clups), Introduction to E-Commerce. Section C
Creating and Maintaining Web Sites : Planning, Naviagation and Temes, Elements of a Web page, steps of creating a site, publishing and publicizing site structuring web site, starting a Web Page (HTML Tags Standard Tags), Formatting Text, Adding Pictures and links, Gathering information in forms, formatting page in farmes, formatting web page by using GIF, JPEG, getting Web Clip Art, Progressive Display and transparency, optimizing images on the web, animating web graphics, Anti-aliasing, Image Slicing, Sealess Tiling, Multimedia graphics, Capturing Audio, generating digital file, editing, processing, encoding Audio, generating digital file, editing, processing encoding and linking the audio, file, unloding web pages, inloading web pages, unloading by using FTP, Net load, Front Page Express and Netscape Composer, analyzing web traffic, building traffic to your site, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and File Transfer Protocol Programs. HTML tables, JavaScript, CGI Introduction to Perl, perl: Control structures, hashes, basic I/O, regular expressions, bstring handling, sorting, formatting data CGI programming.
The basics of HTML as used with ASP. Using forms to obtain information from users ASP variables and arrays, ASP cotroal structures (loops, conditions,
Internet and Intranet 5
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procedures, functions) ASP objects Creating and reading cookies, Connecting a web page to a database (retrieving updating, and inserting data into a data base. Error handling and debugging ASP scripts. Introduction to XML, Setting up Web servers, Configuring Web and FTP servers

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