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August 5, 2015

Instrumentation and Computer Course

Section – A
General principles; buffers, electroanalytical methods: potentiometric and conductometric; photometry;
Nature and stability of biochemical metabolites,physical/chemical/biological techniques metablites, physical/chemical/biological techniques used in assay of biotechnology products, Principles and application of analytical instruments in biotechnology.
Section – B
Chromatographic methods of separationgel permeation, ion exchange,reverse phase and affinity chromatrography, HPLC and FPLC: Centrifugation; radiotracer technique, gel, electrophoresis techniques.
Section – C
Analysis of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acid, biosensor and diagnostics. On line bioprocess instrumentation and computer aided analysis.
Section – D
Basic of computer: Programming,language C. Working Knowledge of window 1997 onwards, Windows 2003. Excel, PowerPoint Presentations. Use of scanners for preparation of reports. Internet awareness . Conversant with e Journals and books. Retrieval of electronic resources through Internet.

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