Importance of bilingual approach in speaking english mrs. anu bhatnagar

This video by Mrs. Anu Bhatnagar, Asst.Professor (English), Biyani Girls College, Stresses on the importance of first feeling comfortable with English, and then striving for effective communication in this language. To be able to feel at ease with English, one first has to accept it as our second language, and realize that we are essentially trained, since our early childhood days ,to think in and communicate in our mother tongues. We need to practice to gradually speak in English, or at least use as many English words as we can, even when we are speaking in our mother tongues. Thereby, we can tune our minds to think of key terms in English, and gradually our mind will not find it hindering, to start communicating in English fluently. Thus a Bilingual approach in learning English is not detrimental, albeit, it serves our purpose of mastering the foreign language.