How to Control Our Mind by Prof. Sanjay Biyani, Chetna-2015 Gurukpo

Prof. Sanjay Biyani explained about how to control our mind. Our mind get attracted towards the worldly pleasures So I has to be controlled and diverted towards the right direction as this will helps us to meet Almighty. According to the holy Geeta mind is a chariot and our soul is a charioteer who controls it. It is a managing skill that should be well developed. He explained if we use knowledge, power, heart and mind in right direction we will reach near success. We should spend at least one hour in reading something good as it will helps us to update our knowledge. Man takes logical decision from mind whereas females take decision from heart. According to Sir our heart is more powerful and strong than mind as it is related with emotions. So we take big decisions from our heart. However we should decision involving both our mind and heart which is a skill to be properly developed. A teacher teaches with his behavior. We should always be thankful to our parents and greet them every,

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