Green House Effect

It is first coined by J.Fourier in 1827 is also called atmospheric effect, global warming or carbon dioxide problem. All the IR Radiations do not go to the space. In fact a portion of the radiation re-emitted from earth is not immediately radiated into space rather; it is absorbed by gases such as carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming.
The Green House Effect is a measure of the effect to which this absorption retains heat at the earth surface .Green house means that a building made of glass with heat and humidity regulated by plant.
A Green House is that body which allows the short wavelength incoming solar radiation to come in, but does not allow the long Wavelength outgoing terrestrial Infra Red radiation to escape.
Green House Effect is progressive, warming, up of the Earth’s surface due to blanketing effect of manmade Carbon Di Oxide in the atmosphere.
Green House Effect is the phenomenon due to which the Earth retains heat. Green House Effect means the excessive presence of Carbon Di Oxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Chloro Floro Carbon etc. Blocked in the IR radiation from the Earth surface to the atmosphere leading to an increase in temperature which in turn would make life difficult on earth.
Key Word: – Solar and Infra Red radiations, high and normal Carbon Di Oxide content at atmosphere, short and long Waves, light and heat energy, plants, earths, sun.
Control Measures of Green House Effect:-
Reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.
Depending more on none -conventional renewable source of energy such as solar wind nuclear and biogases energies.
Disposing Green House Carbons as they are formed elsewhere then in the atmosphere .

Mr. Jaidev Sharma

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