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Expert System
Expert System, the foremost contributor of semantic software that discover, classifies and interprets text information, announced today the launch of “Cogito”, the company’s blog.
The name of the blog, “Cogito”, refers to the semantic platform developed by the company and is a reference to the Cartesian philosophy (Cogito, ergo sum, ‘I think, therefore I am’.). The objective of the blog is to inform and discuss the value semantic technologies can provide to any organization in mechanical meting out of information.
“We be the initial to enlarge software for bottomless semantic analysis of text” , “and I think it can be useful and interesting for everyone to learn about our practice. We will talk not only about technologies and products, but also about problems and solutions, successes, failures and false hopes. I’d like to contribute to the diffusion of a wider and more accurate culture on the subject, which today is very hot.”
“Semantics is gaining strategic importance for any business company. Strategy & Business Development, Expert System and contributor of the Cogito blog. “Expert System is currently one of the few companies in the world that has implemented semantic technologies based solutions for real companies. I imagine the Cogito blog as the ideal environment to exchange opinions with organizations who want to know more about the business value of this knowledge, and of course, also with analysts and bloggers interested in this exploit.”
Semantic technologies are used in more areas than ever. Native soil Security, Parma and Healthcare, Media and Publishing all rely on them. Enterprise Information organization and Customer Experience organization as well. But what’s in performance absent in the setting is that compute is attractive cognitive. More and more, thanks in large part to semantics, our applications will recognize situation. And as a result, they’re going to become more adaptive, more interactive, and more intelligent

Nidhi khandelwal

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