Entrepreneurship & its relevance in India

Dr. N. K. Sharma explains the meaning of Entrepreneurship that Entrepreneur is an Innovator and change agent who searches for a Commercial Opportunity in the problems within his Environment and find a constructive & commercially viable solution for it. He cited the example of World Trade Centre catastrophe of 9/11 and explained how the Chinese Entrepreneurs found a Business opportunity in it also. He also explained the basic difference between an ordinary businessman and an Entrepreneur by citing the example of an NRI Multimillionaire Lady known as ‘Curry Queen’ in England. He also emphasized the need for developing the Entrepreneurship culture in India so that not only the unemployment problems of the educated youth could be solved but also he could become an employment generator rather than employment seeker. If Govt. spends merely 10% amount of total educational budget on development of Entrepreneurship in India, we could be at par with China in Industrial growth & generation of national wealth. He also gave the tips to the budding Entrepreneurs that there is no substitute for taking calculated risks in starting an Enterprise and keep the spirit of ‘Persistence’ and have patience, the sweet fruit will reap one day.