Energy Resources and Utilization

Section A Introduction : Nature : Crude and Bio-Crude; Synthetic Fuels and their Manufacture; Bio-Fuels and their Synthesis; History Properties of Coal; Agriwaste as Bio-Fuels; Briqueting. Environmental Audit : Carbon Sequestration, Carbon Credits. Section B Gas from Coal : Gasification Technologies; Steam / Oxygen and Steam /Air Gasification; Hydro-Gasification and Catalytic Gasification; Underground Gasification. Bio-Fuels : Biomass Production, Bio-Fuel Resource Production and Improvement of Bio-Fuels, Solid, Liquid Bio-Fuels, Hydrocarbons from Plants, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Ethanol, Non-Edible Oils as Bio-Fuel Resources, Euro I, II, III Standards of the Fuels. Section C
Conversion : Ethanol Production Technologies; Bio-Chemical Conversion; Thermal Conversion; Catalysts : Environmental Aspects – Environmental Effects and their Measure; Air Pollution Control; Water Management; Solid Waste Disposal. Section D Economic and Perspective : Large Scale Production and Conversion Technology for the Bio-Fuel Resources; Bio-Refineries; Economic Considerations; Resource, Process and Product Consideration; Industrial Furnaces used in Chemical