Education and Emerging Indian Society

Unit 1 :
1. Concept,nature and Meaning,aims and objectives of education.
2. Forms of Education-Formal, Informal,Non-formal.
3. Values and aspirations of the present IndianSociety.
4. Cultural heritage and its relevance inthe modern Indianeducation.
Unit 2 :
Educational implications of the following :
1. Idealism 2. Naturalism 3. Pragmatism
Educational contribution of the following :
1. Jainism 2. Geeta 3. Buddhism
4. Ravindra Nath Tagore 5. M.K. Gandhi
6. Swami Vivekanand 7. Sri Aurobindo Ghosh
Unit-3 : Indian Constitutionand thestatus of educationwith reference tothe following :
1. Universalisation of education
2. Equality of opportunities in education.
3. Educationand FundamentalRights and Duties.
4. Relationship betweeneducationand democracy.
5. Role of education in developing socialistic patterns and national integration.
Unit 4 :
Education as a sub system
Education as an agent of social change, socialchange influencing the trend of educationand social disparities.
Social Mobility, CulturalLag, Gender disparities
The role of educational instiutionfor creating new social orders.
Unit 5 :
Emerging Indian Concerns and their educational implication.
Ecological imbalance.
Human rights
Technological invasion.

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