Discrete Mathematics

Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Structures, Formal Methods: Introduction and Analogy, Abstraction.
Fundamentals: Sets & Relations- Sets, Types of Sets, Multi Sets, Operations on Sets, Relations and Properties of Relations, Representation of Relations, Equivalence Relation, Closures of Relations, Methods of Proof-Direct Proofs, Indirect Proofs, Mathematical Induction, Method
of Contradiction.
Combinatorics: Permutations and Combinations, Pigeon Hole Principle, Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion, Generating Functions.
Mathematical Logic, Posets and Lattices: Partial Order Set, Bounding Elements, Well Ordered Set, Topological Sorting, Lattices, Principle of Duality, Bounded, Distributed, and Complemented Lattices, Proposition and Propositional Calculus.
Graphs and Group Theory: Basic Introduction of Graphs- Types of Graphs, Path and Circuits,
Eulerian Path and Circuits, Hamiltonian Path and Circuits, Shortest Path Algorithms, Group,
Definitions and Properties, Coset & Subgroup, Normal subgroup, Homomorphism of groups,Cyclic Group, Permutation Group.
Finite State Machines and Languages: Grammar and Languages- Phrase structure Grammar, Types of Grammars and Languages, Finite State Machines and Languages, Minimization of Finite State Machines.