Development Biology

Section A Plant development, plant versus animal development, development of plant embryo, development of seeding, shoot apex organization vegetative and floral apex, root, shoot,leaf and flower development Programmed cell death, ageing and senescence. Section B Genes and their role in devlopment, signal tranduction in development, cell division cycle, cytoskeleton, cell adhesion and the extracellular matrix: Unicellular models, sporulation in Bacillus subtilis,mating type switching in yeast aggregation and culmination in Dicyostelium discordeum Section C Sex gametes and fertilization, germ line speciation, germ cell migration, gametogenesis, gastrulation in invertebrate and vertebrate,cell, lineage, Axis specification in vertebrates, fate of ectoderm,measoderm and endoderrn. Section D Cell differentiation mechanism and factors affecting it developmental gradient in hydra, axial gradients in Drosophild development.Orgaogenesis in invertebrates and vertebrates.

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