Applied Electronics

Unit 1: Feedback Amplifiers
Classification, Feedback concept, Transfer gain with feedback, General characteristics of negative feedback amplifiers. Analysis of voltage-series, voltage-shunt, current-series and current-shunt feedback amplifier. Stability criterion.
Unit 2: Oscillators
Classification. Criterion for oscillation. Tuned collector, Hartley, Colpitts, RC Phase shift, Wien bridge and crystal oscillators, Astable, monostable and bistable multivibrators. Schmitt trigger. Blocking oscillators.
Unit 3: High Frequency Amplifiers
Hybrid Pi model, conductances and capacitances of hybrid Pi model, high frequency analysis of CE amplifier, gain-bandwidth product. Emitter follower at high frequencies.
Unit 4: Tuned Amplifier
Band Pass Amplifier, Parallel resonant Circuits, Band Width of Parallel resonant circuit. Analysis of Single Tuned Amplifier, Primary & Secondary Tuned Amplifier with BJT & FET. Double Tuned Transformer Coupled Amplifier. Stagger Tuned Amplifier. Pulse Response of such Amplifier. Shunt Peaked Circuits for Increased Bandwidth.
Unit 5: Power Amplifiers
Power amplifier circuits, Class A output stage, class B output stage and class AB output stages, class C amplifiers, pushpull amplifiers with and without transformers.
Complementary symmetry & quasi complimentary symmetry amplifiers

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