Algorithms and Application Programming

1. Graphic Application and Hardware : Need of Graphics, Display and Input Devices.
2. Transformation : Matrix Representation and Homogeneous Coordinates : Basic Transformations-2-dimensions and 3-dimensions : Translations, Scaling and Rotations.
3. Output Primitives : Line Drawing Algorithms : DDA Bresenham Line Drawing, Circle Drawing Midpoint Algo, Ellipse Generating Midpoint Algo.
4. Clipping : Sutherland – Cohen Algo, Cyrus, Beck Algo.
5. Hidden Surface Removal : Back Face Detection, Depth Buffer, Depth Sorting, Scan Line and A Buffer Techniques.
6. Curves and Surface : Hermit Curves, Bezier Curves, B – Spline Curves, Properties and Continuity Concepts.
7. Image Processing : Capture and Storage of Digital Images, File Formats, Basic Digital Techniques like Convolutions the Holding and Histogram Manipulations, Image Enhancement, Geometric Manipulation and their Applications the Automatic Identification and Extraction of Objects of Interest.
8. Multimedia : Hardware, Software Application, Non Temporal Media : Text, Hypertext, Images, Cameras, Scanner, Frames Grabbers, Formats; Audio : Analog Video Operations, Compression, Digital Video MPEG, JPEG; Graphics Animation : Tweaking, Morphing Motion Specification, Simulating Acceleration.