Agriculture and Forest Technology

Section -A
1. Conventional methods for forest trees and agricultural crops. Crop improvement : Pedegree breeding, Heterosis breeding, Mutation breeding,
2. Tissue culture in crop improvement Micropropagation ; for virus-free plants. Somaclonal variation, Somatic hybridization, haploids in plant breeding.
Section -B
3. Genetic engineering for increasing crop productivity by manipulation of photosynthesis, Nitrogen fixation, Nutrient uptake efficiency
4. Genetic engineering for biotic stress tolerance. Insects, fungi, bacteria, viruses, weeds.
Section -C
5. Genetic engineering for biotic stress Drought, flooding, salt and tempereture.
6. Genetic engineering for quality improvement. Protein, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins & mineral nutrients
Section -D
7. Plants as bioreactor
8. Molecular breeding, Constructing molecular maps. Molecular tagging of genetictraits. Marker- assisted selection of qualitative and quantittave traits. Physical maps of chromosome .the concept of gene synteny the concept of map- based cloning and their use in transgenics

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