Advertising Management

Section A
Introduction of Marketing Communication and Advertising-Overview of marketing communication, Factors affecting the marketing communication mix, Integrated Marketing Communication, Ethical issues in marketing communication. Advertising as a Management Function. Role of Advertising in the Marketing Process. Consumer Orientation in Advertising. Types of Advertising, Methods of Classification.
Marketing Communication Planning-Models of marketing communication, developing & control of marketing communication, marketing communication planning procedure.
Advertising objectives and planning – Meaning Definition and objectives of Advertising, Types of advertising, and the advertising agency: Function & types, Advertising Agency compensation. Creative strategy – Target market & creative objective, advertising Appeals, Creative format & creation stage, Copy testing and plagnosis.
Steps in Advertising Strategies. Creative Strategy-Various appeals and execution Styles, General idea of What Great Advertising Thinkers say-both Indian and foreign, Print advertising, Electronics advertising, outdoor advertising, direct mail advertising.
Media planning & promotion – Environment analysis media object, Media strategy & media planning modes, Indoor media, out door media, Measuring Advertisement Performances, Current developments in advertising. Media mix-print, broad cast (T.V. & Radio), Cinema, Outdoor, Direct Mail advertising, and Internet. Defining media planning-From marketing plan to media plan, challenges in media planning.

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