Advanced Power Electronics

AC Voltage Controllers: Principle of On-Off Control, Principle of Phase control, Single Phase Bi-directional Controllers with Resistive Loads, Single Phase Controllers with Inductive Loads, Three Phase full wave AC controllers, AC Voltage Controller with PWM Control. Unit-2
Inverters: Principle of Operation, Single-phase bridge inverters, Three phase bridge Inverters: 180 and 120 degree of conduction. Voltage control of Single Phase and Three Phase Inverters, Current Source Inverters, Harmonics and its reduction techniques.
Cycloconverters: Basic principle of operation, single phase to single phase, threephase to three-phase and three phase to single phase cycloconverters. Output equation, Control circuit.

DC Power Supplies: Switched Mode DC Power Supplies, flyback converter, forward converter, half and full bridge converter, resonant DC power supplies, bidirectional power supplies.

AC Power Supplies: Switched mode power supplies, Resonant AC power supplies, bidirectional AC power supplies. Multistage conversions, Control Circuits: Voltage Mode Control, Current Mode Control

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