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Video Lecture & Study Material for following courses & subjects are available under this section:

Commerce & Management (MBA, BBA, B.COM) :
Accounting, Economics, Statistics, Law, Budgeting, Marketing, Management, Human Resource Management..
Information Technology & Computer Science (MCA, MSc-IT, BCA) :
Programming Language ( C, C++, Java, .Net, Visual Basic), Database Management System, Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Discrete Maths, Computer Graphics , Linux.
Science (B.Sc(Bio), B.Sc(Maths), M.Sc(Chemistry), M.Sc(Zoology))  :
Microbiology, Molecular biophysics, Food & Dairy Technology, Plant biotechnology, Bioinformatics & Nano technology.
Education ( B.Ed, M.Ed ) :
Education and Emerging Indian Society, Educational Management and School Organization, Psycho-Social Basis of Learning and Teaching, Educational Technology and Classroom, Methodology of Teaching Hindi.
Nursing ( GNM, BSc. Nursing) :
Anatomy & Physiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, Behavioral Science, First Aid, Community Health Nursing, Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Gynecology Nursing.
Arts (BA, MA , BJMC, MJMC) :
Administration Institution of India, Survey Methods in Social Investigation, Human Geography..

Notes and Video lectures are available for the courses which are as follows:


Corporate Accounting, Business Economics, Business Statistics, Business Organisation, Banking & Finance, Commercial Law, Economic Environment in India, Management Accounting, Company Law & Secretarial Practice, Business Budgeting, Business and Management, Functional Management, Rural Development &Co-Operation, Marketing Management, Sales Promotion & Sales Management, Human Resource Management, Management Information System, International Business, Organasational Behaviour, Principles and Practice of Management, Computer Application in Management, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Management Accounting –II, Finance for Strategic Decisions, Research Methods in Management, Financial Derivatives, Management of Financial Services, Banking Service Operations, Business Ethics and Ethos, Advertising Management, Project Management, International Marketing, Business Law, Business Law, Product and Brand Management, Marketing of Service, Employment Laws, Training and Development, Performance Management & Retention, Human Resources Planning and Development.


Education and Emerging Indian Society, Educational Management and School Organization, Psycho-Social Basis of Learning and Teaching, Educational Technology and Classroom, Methodology of Teaching Hindi.


Anatomy & Physiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, Behavioural Science, First Aid, Community Health Nursing-I, Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing –I, Gynaecology Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing –II.


Electrical Circuits and Circuits Analysis, E-Commerce, Semiconductor Physics, Cost and Management, Business Accounting, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithm & Data Structure, Computer Architecture, Principle of Programming Language, Operating System, Digital Electronics, Electronic Comm. & Data Comm., Object Oriented Programme, Numerical Analysis, Networking Techn. & TCP/IP, Database Mgmt. & System, System Analysis & Design, Internet & Intranet, Advanced Computer Architecture, Computer Graphic & Image Processing, Management Info. System, Software Engineering, Network Security

and Cryptology, E-Banking, Economic Concepts & Methods, Internet Application & Development, Elements of Public Administration, E-Commerce, Public Administration in India, Computer Programming & IT, Engineering Mechanics, Web Technology, Engineering. Physics, Database Management System, E-Commerce, Programming in Java, Discrete Mathematics, Data Communication Network, Programming in C, Java Technologies, Computer Oriented Numerical Methods, Advanced Database System, System Analysis and Design, Wireless Technologies, Net Frame work & Programming in ASP.Net, ERP System, Artificial Intelligence, Object Oriented Software Engineering.


Administration Institution of India, Survey Methods in Social Investigation, Human Geography.

SCIENCE (B.Sc(Bio), B.Sc(Maths), M.Sc(Chemistry), M.Sc(Zoology))

Diversity of Animals & Evolution (Zoology-I), Gemete Developmental Biology( Zoology-II), ( Zoology-III) Cell Biology and Genetics, (Chemistry-II) Organic Chemistry, (Chemistry-III) Physical Chemistry, (Botany-I) Plant Morphology and Anatomy, (Chemistry-I) Inorganic Chemistry, Botany-III (Plant Physiology & Bio Chemistry), Chem. –III (Physical Chemistry), Chem. –III (Physical Chemistry), Chem. –I (Inorganic Chemistry), Ecology Environmental science (Zoology-II), Chem. –II (Organic Chemistry), Plant Ecology & Eco. Botany (Botany-III), Microbiology, Developmental Biology, Cell biology, Immunology, Molecular biophysics, Instrumentation, Energy Resources & Utilization, Food & dairy Technology, Biochemistry-I, Bioresources & Waste Management, Molecular Genetics, Agriculture & forest biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Plant Secondary Metabolites, Genome analysis, Production of recombinant molecules, Plant biotechnology, Animal biotechnology, Plant tissue culture, Medical biotechnology, Bioinformatics & nanotechnology.